First Day Back Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Parents and families,
We are in the beginning stages of this project, but I feel comfortable at the moment with our ability to maintain safety and precaution.  Please note Palmer looks like it will have the most obstruction at the moment.  If you decide to use Ethel street tomorrow and IF Drop OFF Zone 1 (teacher parking lot) is accessible, we will continue to use that parking lot ONLY for Drop Off.

All other vehicles that are dropping off AND/OR parking-please use Drop OFF Zone 2 (Church Parking Lot).
*We do have a few families who are walking from neighboring streets; if you are doing so, please remain close to your children and exercise the safest route possible to our school.
*Yesterday there was an unfortunate accident in El Paso; a woman was struck in a school parking lot along with three young students; the woman lost her life (Tippin Elementary). This is a headline that no school should have to endure.
This is why I thank you all for your cooperation and continued patience.
Yours respectfully In Christ,
Mr. Galaz

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