Lunch Program

With the start of the new year Las Cruces Catholic School will have a new policy on purchasing lunch meals. The monthly meal calendar will be provided and students will be purchasing meals for the upcoming month.

For example, the January meal calendar will be distributed along with this letter and order form in December. You will have a few days to look over the meal calendar and decide on which ways you would like your child(ren) to eat a school lunch. Monthly meals for January 2018 must be purchased through the front office by December 20, 2017. Lunch tickets will no longer be issued. For the days a school lunch is purchased, your child’s name will be included on the lunch list and they will sign their name on the day they have paid for. Make sure you bring the calendar and your child’s name on each day they will be eating when you come to purchase your meals. If your child has not paid for their lunch, they will not be allowed to charge.

The families that qualify to receive their meals at no cost will automatically be put on the list for every day a meal is offered. Your child will only need to sign the list.

The new process is to ensure that the children who have paid for their meal will receive it. In the past there have been many charges because the kids like what is on the menu and end up leaving a child that has already purchased a ticket without a meal. Our goal is to make sure that no child goes hungry, the number of lunches that are ordered is accurate, and that our school meets the satellite kitchen ordering deadline.

Lunches are $3.75. If you would like your child to have meal every day in January the total would be $56.25.

If you have any remaining lunch tickets or questions on the new process you can contact me by email or phone.

Free and reduced price lunch application: 2017-18 Lunch Application 

Choice of Milk Available - Menu Subject to Change

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