Marketing Committee Request For Volunteers

Dear Las Cruces Catholic School parents,

We need you for our school marketing committee.

Why market the school?
We have the opportunity to increase enrollment in grades that have open seats.  By capping the number of students per class, we can grow, while still honoring our small class sizes that make our school so special.  Adding students brings more resources to the school.

An increase in enrollment could mean:

  • less fundraisers
  • less tuition raises
  • more people to share in responsibilities of running the school and volunteering

More tuition income + more volunteers  = more educational opportunities for our children

Who does the committee need?
If you have work experience or a degree in:

  • sales
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • advertising
  • writing
  • photography (website, photo releases, social media, print ads)
  • graphic design
  • English / writing / journalism

We also need:

  • anyone who has connections to local news sources (radio, sun news, bulletin, local news stations)
  • anyone who has connections with the city, esp. district 1 (we want to get signage on Alameda and Picacho, how can we go about doing that?)
  • anyone who is passionate about our school and excited to share their positive experience with others
  • anyone has time or interest in contributing to this effort (no experience or expertise is needed)
  • anyone who is into social media
  • anyone who is willing to work a phone or look up info on a website
  • proofreader, or anyone with keen attention to detail to review materials before they go out
  • anyone who is available to make phone calls or send emails

What is the time commitment?

That’s up to you.  You tell us what you are able to contribute, whether it’s putting us in touch with your contact at a local news station or you can help us on a regular weekly or monthly basis.   If you’re not sure, come check it out or get in contact. No obligation! We’d like to meet 1x per month, and your only commitment will be to fulfill the specific tasks for which you volunteered that month.   The more volunteers we have, the faster we can work.

How do I get involved?
Please come to the Strategic Planning meeting on Wednesday, January 16, at 5:30 pm.  If you are unable to attend, please send an email to Anne Chiffoleau at or call or text (575) 635-1503.  Include your name, email, phone number, how you might be able to contribute (if you know) and what kind of time you might be able to contribute (if you know).


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