Service Hours Opportunity

Last year, our school community helped PTO representatives from our school, collect supplies to provide assistance for flood victims in Houston and surrounding areas.  Now we have a new mission/opportunity to help others in need. Currently the southwest is experiencing extreme drought conditions which has resulted in widespread fires (most recently and locally in the Gila National Forest).  Firefighters and volunteers are in need of the following:
socks, bandanas, sunscreen, chap-stick, “cool rags” to soak and wrap around necks 
*Local departments are taking care of food and water (so these items are not needed)

Any donations made will count towards next year’s service hours (or in some cases to complete service requirements from this past school year).  *Double credit will be given for this cause.
INFO for new families: Fifty service hours are required each school year.  Service hours may be completed by contributing time, helping with events, or making donations to our school ($10 = 1 hour, $20= 2 hours, etc.)
You may drop off any goods at the front office or our summer care check-in table.
Just have a staff member verify the items you brought in, so we can document this later with your official Service Hour Sheet.
Items will be picked up Tuesday, June 19th.

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