Thanksgiving Basket Donation Drive

We are collecting items to provide Thanksgiving meals to migrant families in the Las Cruces Public School district. Our goal is to provide 76 baskets. Below is a list of what we are asking in donations BEFORE November 14th:

Pre-k students: 1 big bottle of vegetable or canola oil
Kinder: 2 boxes of instant mashed potatoes
1st: 1 can of corn and 1 can of green beans
2nd: 2 boxes of stuffing
3rd: 2 cans of vegetables or fruit
4th: 2 bags of beans
5th: 2 bags of rice
6th: 2 cans of yams (or another vegetable)
7th: 2 cans of fruit or vegetables
8th: 2 bags of flour
High School: 2 bags of sugar

Because many families do not have an oven, they cannot receive turkeys. Therefore, we’re also asking for donations of gift cards. You can buy script cards in the office for Walmart, Albertsons or gift cards to Lowes/Fiesta Foods. Thank you for your generosity. Any questions, email

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